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This is our Empire Lamp, designed to be a side table or desk lamp. These prototypes were made of machined sections of polished aluminum that were pinned together, but the production version will be made from one extruded piece, which was the original intent behind the design. We fabricate the shade cage out of steel, followed by a chrome powdercoat.  The cage is wrapped in a wool felt to softly diffuse the light.

These stand 26" tall, 16" deep, and 8.5" wide.  The design is finished with our signature toggle switch, fabric cord, and reproduction 2-prong plug.

We are compiling a waitlist for the production release, December 2023


Empire Lamps

We only plan to produce 100 lamps for this series.  Each will be numbered to correspond to its order in production. If you'd like to be on the list, please contact us through the site.

$7,500 each

These images show some of the process that went into making the lamps.  The two lamps only exist as prototypes. 

Empire process
Empire Process
Empire Process
Empire Process
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