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These are the Pagoda Lamps.

The design is inspired by the Peace Pagoda in San Francisco. They are made of aluminum, with poured epoxy windows, and brass detail elements.  They stand 17" tall and 9" in diameter. Our signature toggle switch, fabric cord, and reproduction plug complete the design.

These one of a kind prototypes.

Each is a unique individually made piece that took 10 months to complete from beginning to end.

Pagoda Lamps
Pagoda Lamp
Pagoda Lamps

The inspiration for our design:
Architectural model of the Pagoda 1965
- Yoshiro Taniguchi

This is the angled Pagoda - Model 1

This is the rounded Pagoda - Model 2

These images

show some of the process

that went into making the lamps. 

Pagoda Process
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