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A Fresh Take on Drawer Pulls Daughter Mfg style

We love modern, clean lines in home decor. What we really love is shiny, saturated color incorporated into that style of home decor. The "Unexpected Red Theory" trending now - adding anything to a room, big or small, in a primary red (think firetruck red) - creates a balancing effect to the whole space. In our opinion, any bright color from the crayon box quickly invokes a cheerful feeling to the room. This idea can challenge the taste of anyone that's not a bright color enthusiast. Try it! It can be undone! We think the addition of a pop of color instantly becomes a classic feature and just makes sense without making sense.

Stick with us.

Our own kitchen is doused in color. When you live in Maine under a blanket of darkness for a quarter of the year (or more), color is a lifesaver.

We designed the kitchen to be a cheerful, colorful, hardworking space with lots of white and wood to ground the colors. When it came time to find drawer pulls for our grass green cabinets, we decide to make something that was bold and user friendly and more unique than what we could find in the drawer pull market.

Our preferred metal is brass, and although there is plenty of brass out there for hardware, we couldn't find color with brass that appealed to our modern taste and had our desired shape. We wanted something with a wink to it.

So we got to work in the shop to design a pull that uses a process we're very familiar with, metal spinning, that incorporated our love of shiny, saturated color. So the Daughter Drawer Pull was born and then put to work.

These prototype drawer pulls on our own cabinets and pantry door have held up beautifully, rarely need tightening thanks to a locking nut on the inside of the drawer, and the brass has only gotten better. The aging brass has given our chosen modern style a lived-in finish to the overall design of the room, much like the wood does.

We are selling these in pairs and making this a custom experience for the buyer. Our plan is to make custom colors to match your space, or provide that "Unexpected Red Theory", or whatever contrast you're searching for.

We also can help you choose some unexpected colors and a combination of colors.

Either way, they are guaranteed to cheer you up.

We have a form on our site to contact us and start the conversation about designing your own Daughter Drawer Pulls. Each pull is a 2" round, .25" thick, with a 1" projection from the drawer. The depth of your drawer is accounted for as we provide a custom length screw.

Below is a video of how they are made starting from a brass disc, to a spun shell, polished, then coated, and filled with a tinted epoxy for that shiny, saturated color that we love.


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