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Need some light? The Empire Lamp part 4

Aaron Snow Photography

We have enough humility to know that we lost most

people at part 3 of this blog series, but we wanted to finish strong and celebrate what has been a very long road for us; a successfully made prototype in 2015 that is now a finished product for sale (!).

This whole process - prototyping, the extrusion, cutting, shaping, bending, welding, polishing, wiring, and then assembling - explained in the 3 prior posts linked below - has leveled us some days and as a party of two, it took a whole lot longer that we thought it would, but that thing about "nothing worth doing...."

It's true. We lived it.

We can't wait to do it again on our next design!

We designed this lamp to integrate into many interior styles, to stand out or fit right in, and most importantly to last a lifetime. We plan to make 100 lamps, with the production number stamped on the base plate, as we want these to be special and worthy of handing down.

If you've been following along, thank you! If we're just reaching you now, we are Daughter Manufacturing and this our Empire Lamp. Our intention was to design a modern piece with a nod to past eras of design and architecture. The lamp is polished aluminum, with a satisfying toggle switch, a hand formed shade wrapped in wool felt, fabric cord, and reproduction 2-prong plug.

We have a waiting list going if you'd like to add your name, contacting you when your name comes up:

Aaron Snow Photography


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